Inanda Page

Inada Page was born in Boksburg in 1971 and currently resides in Pretoria as an artist. She studied at Pretoria Technikon, now TUT, and specialized in Décor. Her career as an artist began with her working as a commercial painter specifically producing scenic paintings. Her commercial work is showcased in business' across Johannesburg.


As an artist, she believes art is a form of raw expression and she often allows the emotions derived from certain colors to lead her creative process. Page views her work as the result of creative impulses and explains that her "work generally will have no man-made objects or people in because [she is] creating spaces for the viewer to step into and complete with their own memories and experience and not dictate beyond basic mood." She truly is an artist who believes in going back to basics, emotionally and aesthetically.


Her work is currently on display at the Julie Miller Investment Art Institute.