Sizwe Khoza

Sizwe Khoza was born in Mozambique and moved to South Africa to practice visual art, in 1995 and currently resides in Springs. He attended Saturday classes at Artist Proof Studio and graduated top of his class. Shortly after, Khoza became a facilitator for printmaking. He travels to Mozambique twice a year to photograph different subjects and uses these images as references for his art.


Khoza's work is inspired by his background which emphasizes the strong presences of the woman within his life and he even uses his relatives as subject matter for his art. He explains that "My work is a comparison between a strategic game of chess and my background. In a game of chess, we hear most of a king and we tend to forget the queen and the other pieces." He also likes to use his work to illustrate comparisons between Mozambique and South Africa.


Khoza has been part of multiple group exhibitions including the Turbine Art Fair (2018) and the RMB August House Exhibition (2018).