Tay Dall

Tay Dall was born in Cape Town and now resides there as a practicing artist. After attending Michaelis School of Art in Cape Town, she studied at the University of Southern California in Los Angles specializing in film. After years as an assistant director in an industry saturated by patriarchal presences, Dall decided to become an artist on a full-time base.


Tay defines her work by explaining how “culture presents us with icons of idealized states of being. These are, however, extremely transitory. I therefore physically alter the surface of everything I paint, allowing my voice to come through. My works express many feelings through line and color. I hope the resulting visual atmosphere will touch viewers emotionally."(Tay Dall)


Dall has participated in multiple group exhibitions in London, South Africa, Holland, and California. She has also held solo exhibitions in Galleries such as Art Now (Johannesburg) and Galerie Plett Utrecht (Holland). In total, her artworks have been shown in over thirty-four galleries and over three continents.