Tinyiko Maluri

Tinyiko Maluri was born in 1980 and currently resides as an artist in Johannesburg. Maluri is currently in his third year at Artist Proof Studio specializing in photolithography print as a medium. Early on in his life, Maluri was in a serious car accident and suffered from a brain injury which severely affected his memory and speech.


Since, his accident Maluri has focused the conceptual bases of his artworks on the trauma he endured and his ability to rise above it and, heal. He feels as though "making the work has been a form of therapy for [him] and enabled [him] to move on".  He uses musical African instruments as a symbolic element within his work to represent his struggle to regain his ability to form sound. Similarly, his subject matter (which is often a self- portrait of Maluri) never directly engages the audience instead he is always looking into the distance which he purposely depicts as empty and desolate in order to represent "the alienation and isolation [he] experienced not being able to speak and remember" - Tinyiko Maluri


Maluri has been using the medium of photolithography to transform his actual pencil sketches and drawing into prints and is involved in the Special Project unit at Artist Proof Studio.