Lothar Böttcher

Lothar Bottcher was born in 1973 just outside of Pretoria, South Africa. He obtained his degree in Fine Art at the Tshwane University of Technology and went on to study his well-known glass technique at Staatliche Glasfachschule Hadamar in Germany. He returned to South Africa in 2001.


Bottcher is known for using cold techniques ( grinding and polishing of glass) with his art and often incorporates other external materials such as steel and stone. He hopes to create an introspective experience for the viewer especially because he believes that most experiences nowadays are second hand or rather filtered through social media.


“ I sculpturally use glass to manipulate light, to create another dimension, enticing the viewer to look through the glass and see the contiguous space within and beyond stimulating thought and awareness, trying to make sense of the universe and our place in it” - Lothar Bottcher 


Bottcher has been hugely influential within the South African glass community and was instrumental in the formation of the South African Glass Society which has held several national glass exhibitions. He has also curated shows such as “Out of the Fire, Into The Light” and “Blow Your Sculpture” which will be exhibited at the Pretoria Art Association in 2019.