About Us

The Julie Miller Investment Art Institute is a gallery which is run by a small group of art partrons who believe in creating a platform for young emerging artists in Africa. As a gallery we aim to uniquely cultivate young emerging artists and promote their artworks as viable investments within the art market. We believe that contemporary African art not only provides aesthetic satisfaction but also has the potential to form a culture of investment among art collectors and proprietors.


The Julie Miller Investment Art Institute specializes in recognizing talent which has the potential to grow. We believe in supporting and educating emerging artists to help them reach their full potential. As a result we host South Africa's largest series of public exhibitions, which we use as a platform for new artists to gain experience within the industry. These exhibitions directly relate to our ethos as a gallery which, in its simplest form, is to bring quality contemporary art to the public.


Julie Miller Investment Art Institute is run by a handful of art patrons and creative's who are deeply passionate about expanding the contemporary African art scene into an internationally recognized feature of our continent.





Investment art has a high probability of showing a significant growth in value over time. In order to foresee if an artist is a potential investment, the rate of growth within their career is vital. Initially, you can recognize these artists through three properties…


1.)     Quality

2.)     Demand

3.)    Ability to experiment with medium


However, the main deciding factor as an investor is timing. Similar, to all investments timing and demand are huge deciding factors and, the initial idea is to invest before there is a spike in demand. We as an institution specialize in determining when and which artists are considered investment.