Azael Langa: Overlooked Shadows of the Economy: 1st SOLO Exhibition

22 March - 22 April 2018 Julie Miller Investment Art International

"I am trying to capture the soul, the dusty remains of the everyday lives I encounter on the streets. I believe there is a higher force in control of our existence and we are all just bodies that transfer energies between one another, good or bad. I wish to honour the unseen men and women, the overlooked shadows behind the economy, trying desperately to earn a living.

The early morning street vendors, the ordinary breadwinners working 9 to 5, the hookers and drug mules who work the streets at night. All these silent ghosts in our economy, desperately trying to uphold their households.


To capture and immortalise these ignored people, I use two types of smoke in my drawings, candle and plastic smoke.

I use the poisinous smoke from plastic to translate the toxic side I have witnessed in this shadow economy and I use candle smoke as a gesture of illuminating and purifying their situation.

Most of us in the community are where we are today because of overlooked people like these. With this exhibition I hope to shine a light on these very important people in our economy, and to tell their stories as a way of appreciating and immortalising their silent sacrifices." Azael Langa