Investec Cape Town Art Fair: Tomorrows Today: Azael Langa

14 - 17 February 2019

Azael Langa was born in Boksburg and raised in Daveyton. As a practicing artist, he now lives
in Pretoria.


Langa has stayed close to home by perpetuating stories of his community and emphasizing the fundamental importance these stories have on the formation of one’s identity.
He also evokes pertinent issues of corruption and exploitation through the investigation of the dualism which exists between identity and community within his artworks.


The medium, in which he uses a combination of candle smoke and burnt plastic, is a symbolic process. He uses burnt plastic to signify the toxicity of an economy that operates off the “silent sacrifices” of others, and candle smoke “as a gesture of illuminating and purifying their situation”.

Langa’s artworks have been featured in numerous auctions & group shows both locally & internationally, namely Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, San Diego & Miami. Some of his more recent shows from 2017 include the SA Art Collective at the ‘New York Art Expo’ & the ‘Dual’ exhibition at Trent Art Gallery in Pretoria.


His first solo exhibition was held in 2018 at the Julie Miller Investment Art Institute, and was a sell-out show..